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Detect quickly Plant pathogens and GMO with Flashkit®

We use rapid kits Flashkits® for the presence of GMOs or bacteria, viruses or fungi in plants. These test strips (similar to pregnancy tests) that is dipped in a bag containing a reagent in which crushed a small amount of vegetable.

The strip react specifically with the possible presence of a GMO, a virus, a bacterium or a fungus according to the principle of immunochromatography. The Flashkit® is a rapid diagnostic tool, simple, reliable and inexpensive.

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Agdia-Biofords Presentation

Agdia-Biofords is the exclusive commercial platform of Agdia, Inc for all of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

We provide products and services to different industries and professionals as seed, growers, plant research and diagnostic laboratories.

We work closely with people coming from different industries (ornamentals, vegetables, fruits and field crops) to contribute to the control of plant pathogens and help to the development of new varieties and to lot production quality control.